Homosexual Libertarians are Masochists

Homosexual libertarians choose their politics as an appeasement strategy. They are so terrified of what the big, mean conservatives think of them, so unconfident in their own ability to fight, that they let conservatives do whatever they want to them. It is waving the white flag. They hope that conservatives won’t see them as a threat, and thus won’t attack them.

Aside from being despicably cowardly, this demonstrates a childishly naive, short-sighted view of political history. Homosexuals were hated most when they weren’t a political threat. Before homosexuals became politically organized, they were beaten, kicked out of their homes by their parents, fired from jobs, made homeless, lobotomized, and murdered. Most of them were probably good people, respected by their community as long as they were in the closet, but the social standards of the time forced their peers to stop seeing them as people and treat them as targets when their homosexuality came to the surface if they wanted to continue conforming – if they stood up for them, they too would find themselves out-grouped. Being “good people” didn’t save homosexuals.

It was by directly changing the nation’s definition of morality that homosexuals won acceptance. They won not through any appeasement made to the society that hated them, but by boldly declaring “we are right, and you are wrong,” and sticking to that frame through thick and thin. Through their perseverance and courage, society gradually came to see things their way.

But homosexual libertarians are young, and they don’t understand that because the struggle took place before their time. They are afraid of being seen as contrary to society, or as self-victimizers. They do not understand the insane, genocidal heart of homophobia because they have never experienced it in their own lives. In their misguided supplication, they give power to those who want to destroy them.

Homophobes aren’t rational. They don’t care about being moral. They don’t want to kill you because of any character traits within your control; they want to kill you because you’re homosexual. That’s all. They have a megalomaniacal desire to torture and massacre you that they can not even express in words themselves. Until you’ve been on the receiving end of the grinning monster of homophobia, it’s hard to understand it through words alone. But it’s still very much a part of society (worsened by multiculturalism), and the libertarian lambs are throwing us all into the spinning blades of the machine in their naive quest for “respect.”


I suspect there is a second, tangential reason for homosexual libertarianism as well. One of the memes the West has inherited from Christianity is that the more one opposes one’s own interests, the more moral he or she is. Since conformity to morality determines social status, voting for policies against your own interest becomes a kind of status-whoring. So homosexual libertarians vote in favor of their own discrimination to communicate “Look at how humble and giving I am! Look how much freedom I give you! I’m conforming to your values! I’m not like those other gays. You’ll like me now, won’t you?”

Of course, the monster id of homophobia cares nothing for reciprocity. It will delightfully gobble them all up.


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